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Leave it to the year 2020 to go out with a bang! Three days before Christmas I went to the basement to get something out of the storeroom and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a horrible smell and a sewer that had backed up into the room. I was finally able to get in contact with a plumber, which most of them were out on jobs. Through this plumber our fine men from UltraClean came to our rescue; and rescue they did! Practically everything in this one room had to be thrown out. Oh the hours that they put in and the man power they used to remove everything in that room was extraordinary. Hazmat suits were a necessity as well as many fans and sanitation were used to get us taken care of before Christmas. They were AMAZING! I can't thank them enough for rescuing us and getting us back to what we might consider as normal, for this odd year of 2020. Thank You so much! L♥VE THIS COMPANY!
Julie Peterson
Julie P.
20:00 30 Dec 20
Great staff, very dependable, and outstanding service.
Kailee Rosentreter
Kailee R.
04:17 04 Dec 20
So, a year ago, UltraClean bid on some water damage in our crawl space. For reasons out of UltraClean’s control, we went another direction. Fast forward a year and I contact them about a roof leak. They are right out here to check it out. AND they offer to go look at the crawl space to make sure everything looks good even though they didn’t do the work! That didn’t bother them at all. AMAZING! They located a very small gas leak and told me about it. So courteous. So helpful and friendly and dedicated. These guys are just awesome.
Glenn C
Glenn C
19:27 17 Sep 20
Friendly, professional crew explained everything and did exactly what they said they would do.
Chad Boult
Chad B.
10:41 15 Apr 20
I highly recommend this company.
miguel sandoval
miguel S.
17:57 20 Feb 20
I work for a local Plumbing company and my customers are important to me. I know if I call on UltraClean to handle the dirty work after a major water or sewer leak, my customers are in great hands. They are fast, professional and make sure the customer is happy and informed with the scope of work.
Jerry Orr
Jerry O.
16:56 20 Feb 20
Very responsive and professional. They resolved are problem and we are very happy with the results
Roy Johnson
Roy J.
17:11 14 Nov 19
We had a hot water line leak in our crawl space and Ultra Clean came in and put us right at ease that it was a simple and easy fix. They were very timely and courteous and always explained everything they were doing. They were super easy to get ahold of any time we reached out and they kept in touch throughout the process. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing any type of restoration.
Lyndsey Cable
Lyndsey C.
22:15 27 Sep 19
I use Ultra Clean frequently, and I've had nothing but wonderful service. From their office staff to their technicians - they do an amazing job! It's comforting to have such a dedicated staff looking after our clients - we know every job they're involved in will be done quickly and properly.
Carly Hankinson
Carly H.
17:45 06 Sep 19
Great service, punctual, informative and very professional. I would highly recommend Victoria and her helper for any water damage like we had.
Paul Salenko
Paul S.
03:32 06 Sep 19
I had a plumber come over to check a shower leak under our house, he recommended UltraClean. As it turns out our sump pump and irrigation had been leaking too. Mark and Tony came right out to inspect the crawl space. After their inspection they gave advice on how we could handle each issue ourselves without spending a fortune. They didn’t even charge for their time. I am so impressed with this company, their honesty and generosity. It’s interactions like this that earn lifetime customers. Thankfully this wasn’t a huge disaster. However, if we ever have one, UltraClean will be my first call. Thank you Mark and Tony!
Brie Homan
Brie H.
00:29 27 Aug 19
Always friendly
Lisa Berdeja
Lisa B.
05:07 25 Jun 19
Quick to respond to our water leak issue - and very professional. Ultra Clean reps worked seamlessly with our insurance company to resolve our damage claim. I highly recommend this company! Special thanks to employees Tony and Victoria!
vicki briggs
vicki B.
02:56 06 Jun 19
Sold my house and found water under foundation. Call UltraClean and they came immediately! My workers were the best. Victoria was one of the crew, I was so impressed with her!!!! Probably the only women in this kind of work. She should be nominated for woman of the year!!! The crew was great and I highly recommend this co. Sincerely sandy holmes
Carol Holmes
Carol H.
19:45 30 May 19
These folks were top notch and amazing to work with. There were special circumstances and the crew that came,Tony and Victoria, did not even flinch. It was a job very well done. Thank you.
Harley Sweeten
Harley S.
23:47 23 May 19
Tony & Victoria were awesome. Never Ever left a mess. They would call prior to arriving.That was very helpful. They kept me informed as what they were doing. When I asked for a copy of the estimate Tony was very understanding and resent the original email.I had mistakenly delegated the 1st email.
Barbara Martin
Barbara M.
17:38 03 May 19
I found out about some water damage during a home inspection. I decided to take a credit from the seller for the damage and hire UltraClean after we closed on the property. The team was fast, clean and friendly. Totally painless. Thanks again!
Janet Cathcart
Janet C.
05:42 01 May 19
UltraClean did a good job with a very fast response to our electrical oven fire. Cam was really good with the cabinetry. Claudia and her team cleaned away the soot like it never happened.
Ron G
Ron G
19:10 30 Apr 19
Cam Richards did a great job with the finish work. Our floor installer was tremendous!
Sandy Checketts
Sandy C.
19:30 28 Apr 19
Victoria and Tony were courteous and efficient. We enjoyed getting to know them a little bit. Super nice people. We would highly recommend them.
Jan Curtis
Jan C.
18:18 28 Apr 19
Tony and Victoria were super quick and efficient, making the process so smooth and seamless. They were very polite and friendly. I couldn't be more satisfied with their work!
Rachael Sparhawk
Rachael S.
21:27 22 Apr 19
These guys rock! I bought a rental house on the bench and promptly realized there was water and mold in the bathroom subfloor. The owner, Mark, came out with his tech, Cecil. They talked me through the process, clearly explained my options, and gave me a realistic timeline. Within a few days, the problem was remediated - on time and on budget. I will definitely use them again.
Erich Hamm
Erich H.
21:10 19 Apr 19
Tony and Victoria were amazing. When you are dealing with major issues you want these two helping you out. Super friendly, fast and professional
Debora Steier
Debora S.
23:29 12 Apr 19
I could not say enough positive things about my interactions with Tony and Victoria. They have been wonderful in helping us through a difficult time when our dishwasher had a leak and caused water damage in our kitchen. I would highly recommend their services.
Caroline Sullivan
Caroline S.
21:09 01 Apr 19
UltraClean did a great job of cleaning up some water damage in our home. Tony and Victoria got down to business and quickly assessed the situation and took care of it. They were efficient, answered all my questions, and were friendly as well.
Brenda Chiles
Brenda C.
05:25 03 Mar 19
Victoria and Tony are the ultimate professionals. They quickly responded to our water issue, communicated clearly throughout the clean up process, and had everything dried out in under a week. We could not be more pleased with their service and highly recommend UltraClean!
Suzanne White
Suzanne W.
01:22 27 Feb 19
I'm writing this review about Cam Richards, who works as a carpenter at Ultraclean. He did a large portion of the repairs on my home related to water damage. Cam in a super nice guy who does excellent work. He is punctual, communicates well about schedules and such, and is easy to work with. He did wall, flooring, molding repairs at our home, and even had to reconstruct some built in shelving that was damaged. His work was top quality and he left everything neat and clean when he was done.
Matthew Storch
Matthew S.
23:20 22 Feb 19
Victoria and Tony worked quickly and professionally. They also answered all my questions and made the process very simple. Thanks!
Mark Richins
Mark R.
18:49 22 Feb 19
Responsive; Courteous; Professional; Prompt; All the cool home inspection toys. I hope I won't need them again, but if I ever do I won't waste any time looking for the right company for the job.
Randy Leininger
Randy L.
23:36 20 Feb 19
Victoria did an amazing job! She communicated with me through the entire process, answered any questions I had and left the area very neat and clean.
Jennifer Tuttle
Jennifer T.
19:54 18 Feb 19
We worked with tony for our flooding problem and he was great. He explained the whole processand and all it entailed to us before he started which I greatly appreciated. He was very clean and efficient. They did a great job getting the water out and dried up as fast as possible fixed the little damage done by the water.
Daniel Ramos
Daniel R.
16:58 07 Feb 19
Tony and crew did an excellent job. They took many before and after photos to document the work and the pricing was very fair. Would recommend to anyone.
Scott Dockweiler
Scott D.
21:36 01 Feb 19
Their communication, their attitude, their service was outstanding. I hope I don't need their services in the future, but if I do, I am totally confident that they will handle a future situation as well as they did this one. Thank you!
Mary Jo Valento
Mary Jo V.
18:17 01 Feb 19
My dishwasher was leaking for who knows how long. Victoria and Tony did a great job of “dismantling” the counter top and the bottom section as well. It was disgusting what they found but they did a great job of stripping away all the wet and damaged floor, cleaned up after themselves, and did it in about 2-3 hours. Really the only part I hated of the process was the huge fans that had to be used to dry it out. Noisy buggers! I was super impressed with their very professional work.
Peggy Temple
Peggy T.
21:00 28 Jan 19
Awesome customer service ! Victoria and Tony were great. Very quick, friendly and professional. Communitcated each step along the way and made a stressful situation more manageable. Would definitely recommend!
Bretony Grizzle
Bretony G.
16:30 18 Jan 19
Professional, timely, and great follow-through with regard to explaining the severity and process for mitigation...Ultra Clean goes above and beyond to ensure quality work and make sure the customer is fully informed throughout. I cannot say enough good things about this company!
Mike Krause
Mike K.
16:17 27 Dec 18
The folks we've worked with at UltraClean have made our stressful situation so much easier to deal with. We had a pressurized water pipe spring a leak in our ceiling just a week ago. Our plumber recommended we call UltraClean immediately and Victoria and Tony were able to come out that evening. They instantly put myself and my husband at ease and worked quickly to remove the water damaged sections of the drywall, insulation, etc. They were knowledgeable and thorough and we were able to get everything dried out! Miguel (the carpenter for UltraClean) has just finished replacing the drywall and texture for the damaged ceiling and wall. Miguel is awesome: professional and very skillful! We're waiting for everything to dry now, but the texture looks excellent. Victoria, Tony, and Miguel have all been a pleasure to work with!
Jillian Hamilton
Jillian H.
19:19 18 Dec 18
Very fast, efficient and considerate! I very much appreciated their quick and professional work!
Jennifer Trudell
Jennifer T.
15:13 30 Nov 18
Miguel Sandoval did an awesome job painting a ceiling in our house. He was very friendly, accurate, and professional. The quality of his work was outstanding. I can offer only the highest recommendation for him.
Oleg Kouskov
Oleg K.
01:03 17 Nov 18
I had a choice in who I let into my home to mitigate the severe water damage caused by a leaking ice maker hose. UltraClean not only gave a better, more accurate, estimate (than their competitors) but their team was professional throughout the experience and a cut above the others.UltaClean knows their stuff. They know how to minimize the damage and correct the ill effects (mold) of water disasters. While I hope I never have to use them again, personally (for obvious reasons), I highly recommend their services to anyone unfortunate enough to experience water damage.
Dr. Rick Chromey
Dr. Rick C.
16:41 16 Oct 18

Safe & Effective COVID-19 Disinfection Services.

COVID-19 Disinfection

UltraClean is offering COVID-19 disinfection services for properties exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

You can rely on our experienced team led by a trained bloodborne pathogen and virus cleaning expert to clean and disinfect all surfaces that may have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus.


Our IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration certified technicians are here 24/7 for emergency response, board up, cleaning and restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are devastating and require immediate action to secure the property and prevent secondary damage.

Regardless of the size of the fire, our IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration certified technicians are available 24 hours a day for emergency response and board up.

As soon as your property has been secured, we begin mitigating all the different types of fire damage to your home and belongings (including smoke, heat, odor, soot and water damage).


Eliminate smoke odors for good with professional help from UltraClean.

Smoke Odor Removal

Long after a fire is extinguished, smoke odors will persist. Effectively removing smoke odors is extremely difficult without the right equipment, as smoke particles travel through a property and can coat every surface and become embedded in soft materials. Smoke particles can even result in permanent damage if it is not cleaned and removed as soon as possible. Minimize the damage and be sure to call UltraClean right away for professional smoke removal.

mold remediation services

Our courteous and respectful mold remediation staff will inspect your entire home or business and get to the root of your mold issue.

Mold Remediation

Mold and mildew will not only damage and reduce the value of your home, but also put you and your loved ones in a hazardous environment. Mold is the root cause of numerous respiratory problems and can especially affect those with previous conditions like asthma or allergies. Mold is everywhere, but mold spores aren’t visible to the naked eye. When large amounts of mold are in your home or building affecting occupants’ health, you must have it remediated professionally.

structural drying services

We use a combination of air movement, dehumidifiers, heat, and air filtration to properly dry your structure.

Structural Drying

Whether dealing with wall cavities, under cabinets, wet ceilings, or drying any type of material, UltraClean has the equipment you need. All buildings have many types of surfaces and materials, with different absorption rates, affecting how fast the material will absorb water and release it through the drying chambers that are set up. Once water is inside a structure, it must be removed mechanically.

water damage restoration services

We have top-of-the-line water extraction machines, drying equipment and experienced technicians for every type of water damage situation.

Water Damage Restoration & Repair

When water damage occurs it is important to remove the water and dry the structure as quickly, safely and cleanly as possible to avoid additional damage or unsafe conditions.

We start by removing water using top of the line industrial extraction equipment. Extraction is over 1900% more efficient than any other drying method, and our technicians have the training and knowledge to remove the water as fast as possible and get your structure dried.


Our certified cleaning technicians use their expertise and full arsenal of professional tools to protect you from contaminated materials in your structure.

Structural Decontamination

Once a structure has been compromised by contamination of sewage or other health hazardous materials, immediate action to contain the area is crucial. Standing water left from any flood situation is a breeding ground for microorganisms. Bacteria, viruses, and mold can become airborne and inhaled, creating health risks for your family.


Our construction services will help you get your project back to its original condition or better.

Restoration Construction Repairs

Water damage can ruin flooring, walls, cabinets, doors, and the list goes on. UltraClean’s construction services will help you get your project back to its original condition or better. From a small drywall patch to a full house remodel, our crews will help you with your project. We will assign one of our project managers to your project to help you scope and identify everything that needs to be done and write a cost estimate for repairs. Once the project is ready, we will set the timeline and proceed.


Build a Disaster Response Program to Secure Your Investment.

Commercial Services

Commercial buildings are like little cities. Each is unique with its own people and businesses with complex types of operations. When there is a problem, especially some type of disaster, you need to be proactive in having a quick response and the right people for what your needs are. When you call the UltraClean, we will know where to access the water damage caused by your disaster, what type of equipment is needed, and be able to start the mitigation process immediately.


Hearth 700x110

Serving the Treasure Valley

24/7 Emergency Response

UltraClean provides 24/7 emergency property restoration services throughout the Treasure Valley including:

  • Boise
  • Meridian
  • Nampa
  • Eagle
  • Surrounding Communities

If you are in need of restoration services or emergency mitigation services, do not hesitate to give us a call.