Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

There’s a reason we get more business from referrals than any other source: we value customer care and satisfaction above all else.

Bill H., 2012

Super professional and quick to respond. I heard about how great UltraClean was so I called them. They came out in about 30 minutes of our call. 2 guys tackled this relatively small job and immediately went to work. They were very considerate of things I didn’t think about…like the fact that the pilot light would likely go out when their blowers were set toward the furnace. It’s summer, so I didn’t think about that. They did. We had a condensation line on our central A/C come loose that we didn’t notice until the carpet was soaking wet. It had been draining quite a few gallons of water for about a day. We thought the carpet was a lost cause. Due to their quick response and with all the right equipment, they saved the day! They’ve come back to check and said they’d come back again to “triple-check”. This company is great. I can’t say enough good about their service! It was terrific.

Blake G., Nov. 2013

Let’s start with the incident itself. It was 6:00 in the morning when I noticed the huge puddle of water on the carpet in our downstairs hallway. While I was inspecting it, a drop of water hit my head. Looking up I realized the ceiling was bubbling in and the blue-stained water of the upstairs toilet was dripping through. Blue stained was also dripping down our walls. Running upstairs, I noticed our bathroom was completely flooded. Nightmare. I called UltraClean at about 6:15, and they were there before 7:00 a.m. The tech who responded came straight from bed. They inspected the damage and came up with a quick plan. Immediately I felt comfortable with them and my initial intuition was correct. By the end of the day they had the situation under control and a long-term plan that I could understand. After two weeks our house is as good as new. There is new drywall, new paint, new bathroom flooring, clean carpets, etc. I’ve been incredibly impressed with UltraClean’s professionalism and their customer service. I hope you don’t have to deal with the same situation that we did, but if you do, I recommend using UltraClean. They’ll give you peace of mind.

Bob D., 2011

“We had a form break and about two tons of cement flooded our basement… UltraClean had a crew out there before the cement could dry! Thanks UltraClean! You rocked before my cement did!”
– Bob D. 2011

Cathy & Tom R., May 2018

We were so appreciative of UltraClean’s prompt services with our mold and asbestos problem. They were fast and courteous to remedy the problem. The workers also moved our washer and dryer so we could get new flooring put in. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help.

Claudia, Jan. 2014

The day my prospective home was inspected we found that the water was left running by the seller’s de-winterizing team. The kitchen and dining area, the formal living room, and the family room were flooded and my beautiful wood floors were ruined. Our real estate agent found the UltraClean. They stepped in, evaluated the situation and made recommendations. I lived on the east coast and placed the clean up and restoration in their hands. Their representative was fantastic! He kept in touch with me, almost daily, by e-mail or telephone calls. He was available for questions and sent me pictures of the progress and was always courteous. When I arrived two months later I could not have been happier.

Harriet & James L., May 2014

We had a shocking experience when a pipe broke in our laundry room recently and flooded the laundry room and a large kitchen with a hardwood floor. We immediately called our plumber who recommended Ultra Clean. They came immediately and started the drying process at once. The water had spread to parts of our living room, dining room and hall carpeting. Ultra Clean really did a wonderful job. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they were easy to reach and to communicate with. I would never want to go through such an experience again, but if I had to, Ultra Clean would most definitely be my choice to take care of it. I would give them 5 stars!!!!!!!

Jack Devers, Nov. 2013

I had massive water damage. UltraClean was on site in less than an hour, on a weekend, after hours. Their employees were calm, friendly, knowledgeable and fast. I especially enjoyed how they stayed in contact with me, sometimes even requesting permission to drop by later in the evening to ensure everything was drying properly. They had a plan for every step of the repairs and had suggestions for excellent external contractors for anything they do not do themselves. If you have need of of quick response team, UltraClean is the one I will always use and very highly recommend. Thanks guys!

Jennifer T., 2012

They saved my basement from flooding! I was out of town and my wife was at work when our basement started flooding. My nephew who is staying with us saw the problem and he called UltraClean. Brandon Wright, the owner of UltraClean, showed up at our house a few minutes later and worked to identify the source of the water (water from our down-spouts dumping on frozen ground), and to put a stop to the problem. What an amazing company! I would highly recommend them to do work at your house.

Jim Swank, August 2014

A water leak in the bathroom was way beyond the state of a simple fix by a plumber. Over time the leak caused mold damage to bathroom cabinets, wall, and neighboring bedroom floor. My plumber recommended UltraClean which specializes in these kinds of problems. UltraClean did an excellent job managing the entire operation involving many specialties: complete mold cleanup, restoring those parts of the cabinets and walls that could be restored and replaced that which was too damaged to be restored, painting and finally preparing for my plumber to install all new plumbing. They were also flexible in allowing me to install the new bedroom floor to help reduce the overall cost. I have no hesitation in recommending UltraClean for such jobs.

Leslie M., January 2014

I manage a tri-plex in Caldwell where unfortunately a tenant chose to take his own life! Not having had to deal with this issue previously I called my insurance agent who recommended UltraClean. I’m so thankful I called them! They responded right away, got to work doing the bio-clean and removal of two walls, carpeting, and taking all the trash away. Then they rebuilt the walls, painted, had new carpet and vinyl installed and cleaned up all the rooms. All of the workers were delightful to work with. Julie, Brandon and Dennis were wonderful to work with and kept me informed of costs, progress on the work and even worked with the insurance adjuster. I could not be more pleased with the results! I highly recommend UltraClean for any type of clean-up. They are dependable, professional, and ethical!

Scott Y., July 2013

There was a wind storm that came through Boise a few weeks ago and it blew down a tree that landed on the roof of my office. Ultra Clean Pro was recommended to me by my insurance agent. Brandon came by my office and accessed the damages, provided a cost estimate, including the time it would take to remove the tree and repair damages. Everything was delivered on time and on budget. Thanks guys you made an unpleasant situation the best it could be.

Todd and Suzanne L., July 2013

The team at Ultra Clean was incredible. I rarely (if ever) write reviews, positive or negative but felt compelled to do so given the service I received. The backdrop: It was Wednesday the 3rd of July and my wife and I woke up to moist and cupping hardwood floors due to an HVAC leak. That’s bad enough but we had sold our house and the buyers were going to do their final walk through two days later so we were in a panic, especially considering the July 4th holiday was the day in between it all. My wife called Dennis and he responded immediately. He came out, diagnosed the situation and got Rickey (one of his techs) to bring out the equipment within the hour. On Friday we asked them to be there first thing in the morning so they could see if the equipment could be removed before the buyers did the walk through. As expected Rickey showed up right on time and was able to remove most of the equipment given the improvements of the floor. The buyers asked for someone from Ultra Clean to be present when they walked through later in the morning and Dennis said he would and, in my opinion, was instrumental in helping put our buyers at ease enough that they continued with the closing. Finally, Dennis had another tech (Troy) from Ultra Clean came back and installed a more intensive dryer in an area needed. We didn’t even need to ask and he was also very professional. The floor is looking better already (still drying as I type) and we are confident it will restore to its normal state. We also had a friend that works in construction stop by and he said this equipment was some of the best he has seen. This day and age its hard to meet companies that willingly go the extra mile. These guys did….without hesitation. I would recommend them to anyone with flooded floor issues.