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Build a Disaster Response Program to Secure Your Investment.

Commercial Services

Commercial buildings are like little cities. Each is unique with its own people and businesses with complex types of operations. When there is a problem, especially some type of disaster, you need to be proactive in having a quick response and the right people for what your needs are. When you call the UltraClean, we will know where to access the water damage caused by your disaster, what type of equipment is needed, and be able to start the mitigation process immediately.

Maintaining the smoothest, fastest response requires an emergency response plan to help you react proactively when something happens to your business. Our Disaster Response Program is the best way to handle water damage disasters and make sure that business interruption is minimized.

Of course, water damage is never planned, and can come from a variety of disasters and wreck many issues throughout a structure. Any disaster, including fire, wind, and biohazard spills, can bring on water damage. Once a disaster hits, your building could require any combination of water extraction, structural drying, structure decontamination, mold remediation, odor removal, or restoration construction repairs.

UltraClean provides emergency 24-hour service for all of your water damage needs. After your structure is dry and cleared of any contaminates, you may need restoration construction repairs. We can also provide contractors who will help you rebuild your project back to original condition so that your business can get back to making money.

Should your commercial building already have its own maintenance staff and you would rather them handle smaller water damages on their own, we can help you accomplish this effectively with our Water Damage Rental program. We can provide the right equipment for your needs, along with guidance from one of our technicians to give you the right tools to properly dry your building while you provide your own labor.

For any type of disaster need, whether it is preparing an Disaster Response Program, immediate 24-hour response, or you need equipment and service, UltraClean is focused on your peace of mind.