Our certified cleaning technicians use their expertise and full arsenal of professional tools to protect you from contaminated materials in your structure.

Structural Decontamination

Once a structure has been compromised by contamination of sewage or other health hazardous materials, immediate action to contain the area is crucial. Standing water left from any flood situation is a breeding ground for microorganisms. Bacteria, viruses, and mold can become airborne and inhaled, creating health risks for your family.

It is UltraClean’s top priority to protect occupants and our technicians from the contamination materials. We provide the proper containment that is necessary to make sure that the area is secure, air contained and controlled, and cleaned thoroughly. Our certified cleaning technicians use their expertise along with a full arsenal of professional cleaning products, tools, and pressure washing equipment not available to the public to decontaminate your structure from decomposing bio matter, sewage, and organic growth.