Jim Swank, August 2014

A water leak in the bathroom was way beyond the state of a simple fix by a plumber. Over time the leak caused mold damage to bathroom cabinets, wall, and neighboring bedroom floor. My plumber recommended UltraClean which specializes in these kinds of problems. UltraClean did an excellent job managing the entire operation involving many specialties: complete mold cleanup, restoring those parts of the cabinets and walls that could be restored and replaced that which was too damaged to be restored, painting and finally preparing for my plumber to install all new plumbing. They were also flexible in allowing me to install the new bedroom floor to help reduce the overall cost. I have no hesitation in recommending UltraClean for such jobs.

Leslie M., January 2014

I manage a tri-plex in Caldwell where unfortunately a tenant chose to take his own life! Not having had to deal with this issue previously I called my insurance agent who recommended UltraClean. I’m so thankful I called them! They responded right away, got to work doing the bio-clean and removal of two walls, carpeting, and taking all the trash away. Then they rebuilt the walls, painted, had new carpet and vinyl installed and cleaned up all the rooms. All of the workers were delightful to work with. Julie, Brandon and Dennis were wonderful to work with and kept me informed of costs, progress on the work and even worked with the insurance adjuster. I could not be more pleased with the results! I highly recommend UltraClean for any type of clean-up. They are dependable, professional, and ethical!

Bob D., 2011

“We had a form break and about two tons of cement flooded our basement… UltraClean had a crew out there before the cement could dry! Thanks UltraClean! You rocked before my cement did!”
– Bob D. 2011