Todd and Suzanne L., July 2013

The team at Ultra Clean was incredible. I rarely (if ever) write reviews, positive or negative but felt compelled to do so given the service I received. The backdrop: It was Wednesday the 3rd of July and my wife and I woke up to moist and cupping hardwood floors due to an HVAC leak. That’s bad enough but we had sold our house and the buyers were going to do their final walk through two days later so we were in a panic, especially considering the July 4th holiday was the day in between it all. My wife called Dennis and he responded immediately. He came out, diagnosed the situation and got Rickey (one of his techs) to bring out the equipment within the hour. On Friday we asked them to be there first thing in the morning so they could see if the equipment could be removed before the buyers did the walk through. As expected Rickey showed up right on time and was able to remove most of the equipment given the improvements of the floor. The buyers asked for someone from Ultra Clean to be present when they walked through later in the morning and Dennis said he would and, in my opinion, was instrumental in helping put our buyers at ease enough that they continued with the closing. Finally, Dennis had another tech (Troy) from Ultra Clean came back and installed a more intensive dryer in an area needed. We didn’t even need to ask and he was also very professional. The floor is looking better already (still drying as I type) and we are confident it will restore to its normal state. We also had a friend that works in construction stop by and he said this equipment was some of the best he has seen. This day and age its hard to meet companies that willingly go the extra mile. These guys did….without hesitation. I would recommend them to anyone with flooded floor issues.

Bill H., 2012

Super professional and quick to respond. I heard about how great UltraClean was so I called them. They came out in about 30 minutes of our call. 2 guys tackled this relatively small job and immediately went to work. They were very considerate of things I didn’t think about…like the fact that the pilot light would likely go out when their blowers were set toward the furnace. It’s summer, so I didn’t think about that. They did. We had a condensation line on our central A/C come loose that we didn’t notice until the carpet was soaking wet. It had been draining quite a few gallons of water for about a day. We thought the carpet was a lost cause. Due to their quick response and with all the right equipment, they saved the day! They’ve come back to check and said they’d come back again to “triple-check”. This company is great. I can’t say enough good about their service! It was terrific.